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Order Items: INNOSILICON T2T-25T Miner with PSU (220V)
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USD ( or BTC; LTC )
Spring Reward Program:
1. Spring Promotion Big Value Coupon !

2. Special Bulk Order instant-on discounted Hosting !

Innosilicon Spring Special Instant-on Hosting Program Policy

Buy new miner in bulk (over 50 miners) and get discounted hosting in one shot! You will benefit from the special promotional 68 US cents KW/H all-inclusive hosting program from Innosilicon managed farms, which is only available from now to March 8th. This is 30% discount hosting program over regular price to reward our new customer purchase during the Spring Special.

From now to March 8th, promotional hosting contract term is as follows:

Spring Promotion Regular
Electric charge ($ per kw/h) 0.068 0.09
One time Setup fee (USD/unit) 60 10% of the miner value
Warranty 12 months 6 months
Hosting Period 12 months or more 12 months

General Guidelines:

1. Hosting contract will be mailed to you for execution and your paid miners will be put online for your instant mining gain typically within 3 business days after the payment confirmation.

2. One month hosting fee deposit plus a one-time setup fee of $60 is required before hosting. Extended warranty of 12 months for the miner is automatically included.

3. The special promotion electric charge is 0.068USD per KW/h.

4. Only bulk order (50 units or more) has instant-on service at this time due to management complexity.

5. The instant on hosting promotion is redeemed towards any new purchase within 2 weeks on Innosilicon website.

6. You can check more details with Innosilicon sales team for further information and hosting contract.


Innosilicon, the industry leader of all coin crypto mining ASICs, launches another heavy weight BTC miner, the T2T-25T (also has 4 work modes). In the high power mode, the hash rate of Innosilicon T2T-25T miner is 25Th/s (± 5%), energy consumption is only 2050w (+ 10%).

  • Hashrate: 25TH/s (+/-5%)
  • Power Consumption: 2050W (+10%, normal mode, on the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature)
  • Dimensions: Single Tube, 391mm(L)*141mm(W)*220mm(H)
  • Net Weight: 9.0KG
  • Allowed ambient temperature range: 0°C—45°C
  • Network Connection: Ethernet

T2T-25T Miner has 4 work modes as follows:

Miner Innosilicon T2T-25T
Performance / High power Mode Factory Mode /Default
(Recommended mode)
Balanced Mode Efficiency Mode
Hash Rate 25T±5% 23T±5% 21T±5% 20T±5%
Power 2050W+10% 1880W+10% 1550W+10% 1360W+10%

You can choose any kind of work modes as you wish. INNOSILICON T2T-25T Miner will help you go through the bear market and occupy the leading position in the bull market.


1. Delivery time: first pay, first served. Delivery time starts from 16th October 2018 according to the sequence of payment.

2. Please be aware: T2T-25T PSU is inclusive, and the PSU we provide is specially customized for our miners. Since customers require different types of plugs, the PSU does not contain 220V AC cables. You can order the standard IEC C14 AC power cable to use with the PSU.

3. T2T-25T PSU is more than 1800W, so please purchase AC cable with 3*1.5 specifications, and 3 wire cores with diameter no less than 1.5mm.

4. Please write down the recipient's name, contact information and address carefully. Shipping address cannot be changed once the order is submitted. We will ship according to the information given to us. You will be responsible for any damages or losses caused by errors in the information.

5. We guarantee the safety of the goods until they are in the hands of the shipping carrier. Once the shipping carrier has accepted the goods, the ownership of them will be transferred to customers. Any damage or losses of the goods during transport and import customs clearance will be charged to the buyers.

6. To ensure the security of high-value miners in transit, we have been implementing shipping insurance since December 26th, 2017.We will use the company name (if not available, then the name of the buyer) as the insured party. Please make sure that the information is correct.

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All Innosilicon T2T-25T will be tested by factory before shipment and certified by Innosilicon. The post-sales service policy is as follows. After payment, your order will be processed immediately.

180 days parts warranty for any miners directly purchased from Innosilicon. If any problem, please leave an after-sales message on our message board. Our technical support team will get in touch with you asap.

Please don’t send any machine or parts without contacting the technical support team first. Any loss or damage as a result of lack of contact will be the responsibility of the customer.

The price of miners may be adjusted at any time without prior notice or price compensation to customers.

The warranty expires in the following cases:

  • Miner is demolished, privately altered or component replaced by customers;
  • Damage caused by lightning, voltage surges and poor quality power supply.
  • Circuit boards and components damaged by water, exposed to moisture or corroded;
  • The circuit board or the chip is completely burned;
  • Excessive overclocking in an overheating environment;

If one of the cases above happens, you shall be charged for your miner maintenance services. For the specific procedures, please refer to the after-sales process.