10Gbps!The fastest LPDDR5/5X IP deliver production !

  • Jul 18, 2022  

Innosilicon breaking out 10Gbps rate by delivering fastest LPDDR5/5X/DDR5 Finfet IP turn-key solution in the world. The 10Gbps IP far more past market main DRR 6.4Gpbs,which get advantage for widely industrial applications include CPU/GPU/NPU high performance computing,auto drive,mobile termination and so on.

Breaking DDR rate limitation,ultra low power,optimized size,compliance with multi DDR JEDEC standards,the IP with leading key features enable cutomers keep high band advantage, cover DRAM upgrade roadmap for 5+ years !

▲Innosilicon LPDDR5X(Single end DQ up to10Gbps)on PCB route test

Leading edge DDR technology is the key to break data exchange bottleneck under Von Neumann architecture. New generation XPU/Soc DDR demand lower power comsume,flexiable compatible,widely applications support and cover more DRAM upgrade roadmap, thus extend products cycle,improve market competitive.Compare with LPDDR5, the LPDDR5X improve 17% rate, cut down 15% latency, bring outstanding benifit for 5G,high resolution image process/AI/AR/edge computing applications. The market are expeckting the new LPDDR5/5X/DDR5 bring a step up experience !

▲LPDDR5X offer better rate and performance(up to 8.5Gbps)

Innosilicon lab test 

With long term concentration and continue innovation, Innosilicon growed deep understanding and large production delivery for global cutomers, leading on LPDDR5/5X/DDR5 IP production proven at Finfet(5/7nm,12/14nm) node, succesful implement 10Gbps on PCB route to DRAM, cover DDR upgrade prospectively for 5+ years.

Innosilicon LPDDR5X IP successful tested 10Gbps on PCB route which means a better signal integration performance to cover substrate and PCB products forms. It offer inspiring benefit include extend products functions, better cost down(PCB products is far more cheap than substrate),high band and performance,low latency and power consume, compatible more DDR standard.

Innosilicon DDR IP fully cover GDDR6/6X, HBM3/HBM2E, LPDDR5/5X/4/4X/DDR5/4, turn-key with GDS delivery,support IO,ESD and package design, PCB guide,SI/PI service and so on.Integration at low risk, cut development cycle and cost, the innosilicon DDR turn-key service effectively enable cutomer occupy market share early and competitively.

Innosilicon lab test 

Innosilicon is a leading turn key IP and IC ODM vendor for global cutomers. With long term deep work on high speed interface, consistently innovate and breaking IP technology,provide GDDR6/6X、LPDDR5/5X/4/4X/DDR5/4、HBM3/HBM2E、Innolink Chiplet and 56G Serdes, widely win cutomers' approval and praise.

200+ Tapeout,6+billion licensed high performance chip production,100% quality guarranty, service for worldwide cutomers include AMD, Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm, Keysight, OnSemi, ZTE,Allwinner,Rockchip and so on, Innosilicon enable your  chip  succesful !

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About Innosilicon

Innosilicon is a worldwide leading IP,IC ODM and GPU vendor work on computing,storage and connect industrial,offer full fundry node cover (TSCM /SAMSUNG /GF /UMC /Inte l)  from 55nm to 5nm. Licensed 6+billion high performance Soc in past 16 years, 200+ tapeout,as TSMC and SAMMSUNG official partner delivered cutting edge 5nm IP. Support global cutomers include AMD, Microsoft,  Amazon, Qualcomm, Keysight, OnSemi, ZTE,Allwinner,Rockchip and so on.