Industry Debut |Innosilicon multiple high-speed interface IPs, based on the SMIC 14nm process, R&D and mass production proven

  • Jul 02, 2020   |
  • One-stop, multi-standard, first launch of domestic advanced IP mass production

Zhuhai Hengqin, China—Innosilicon has announced today that a number of high-performance domestic autonomous and controllable high-speed interface IPs, based on SMIC 14nm process, have been successfully one-time verified in the SOC products from domestic mainstream customers, and entered the commercial mass production.

Innosilicon IPs, focused on the domestic development, with 14 years of shipping experience of billions of high-end IP authorization, have gained competitive advantages, especially in the mainstream 28/22nm FINFET process, helping multiple top customers at home and abroad to achieve one-time mass SOC production.

With full adherence to the international general standards, Innosilicon’s high- security and high- reliability IPs can be customized and optimized in the size, power consumption and packaging of PPA to perfectly suit the customer application scenarios. Assisted by our fast one-stop turnkey integration, the success of customer products will be accomplished with differentiated competitive advantages. Innosilicon IPs have been widely used in the mainstream chips in the fields of the high-performance computing, AI, multimedia terminals, automotive electronics, IoT and etc.

The high-speed interface IP, which is first adopted by the customer in the SMIC 14nm process and put into mass production, includes MIPI DSI&CSI/LVDS combo IP, DDR4/3/LPDDR4/3 combo and other general IPs. Along with the multi-standard compatible IO, these combo IPs can also be customized according to customer requirements, optimized in the power consumption and area, which have passed the relevant functional tests in product application scenarios at one time, and quickly realized commercial mass production in new process——this is an industry first.

Up to now, Innosilicon has years of cooperation experience in IP ecological co-construction with the six major foundries in the world, achieving constant breakthroughs from 0.13μm, 65nm, 55nm, 40nm, 28nm to the advanced 14/12/8/7/5nm FinFET process, to provide one-stop high-speed interface IP with leading coverage and maturity, and the number of mass-produced chips reaches billions. In the field of mixed signal IP, Innosilicon will continue to enhance long-term cooperation with major foundries, to help customers provide more differentiated products with great social value to the high growth markets, and continue to empower the high-end domestic ecological chain.

In addition to the above-mentioned IPs, Innosilicon’s other high-security and high-reliability domestic IPs including USB3.2/USB2.0, HDMI2.0/2.1, eDP /VOB, PCIe3/4/SATA3, ADC, Audio Codec, Video-DAC, assist global customers with the successful mass production of SOC products in various mainstream advanced processes.

Innosilicon high-end combo IP includes:

  • Free combination of standards under 32Gpbs high-speed combo Serdes: PCIe4, USB3.1, SATA3, 10G ETHERNET, XAUI, CHIPLET, etc.;
  • Various multimedia IPs: MIPI CPHY/DPHY, Audio codec, MIPI/LVDS/TTL Combo, HDMI2.1 /eDP1.4 TX/RX solution;
  • World's top high-performance DDR combo IPs: DDR4/3/LPDDR4/3 PHY, Industry leading GDDR6, DDR5/LPDDR5, etc.

About Innosilicon:

Innosilicon, as a world class and domestic leading one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal IP and chip customization, has supported billions of mainstream high-end SOC mass production at home and abroad, covering from 0.11μm to 5nm provided by the world’s 6 top semiconductor factories, with the market share leading for 10 consecutive years.

In 2018, Innosilicon was the first in the world to overcome the top difficulty GDDR6 high bandwidth data bottleneck, and successfully developed the applicable performance-leading computing GPU as well as the near-threshold voltage design for mass production, and then launched the INNOLINK Chiplet -- high-performance computing platform (CPU / GPU / NPU) of Chinese standard in 2020. We have effectively customized a number of chips in various FDX / FinFET advanced technologies, and have excellent innovation capabilities in the fields such as high-performance computing, high bandwidth storage, encrypted computing, AI cloud computing, and low-power IOT technology.

Innosilicon is fully committed to the autonomous and controllable localization of chips, serving global customers with high-security, high-reliability IP and customized products through a flexible and win-win business model.