Grin G32 Miner Pre-Order Cancellation and Refund Notice

  • Jan 17, 2020  

Dear Distinguished G32 Customers,
We are sorry to inform you that our Grin product G32 GPU ASIC fabrication has not been supported well by the foundry due to their lack of experience and confidence. The final GDS was submitted to our foundry ftp for tape out months ago and we have been doing our utmost to pull in the schedule for the wafer fabrication. However, it is unfortunate that we finally learnt from the foundry in the recent meeting that they still do not have enough resources and confidence to make the large GPU ASIC yield viable, even after various assurance from our engineering side.  Their yield feasibility evaluation took way too long to meet our delivery requirement in January and February so we have to put this production on hold till future clearance.
Innosilicon invested huge amount of R&D dollars to complete the innovative CC31/CC32 Grin GPU ASIC design to our satisfaction because we believe in Grin and its core team. We believe it is a great coin with a bright future. In order to better support the challenging Grin phase-out evolution path, we made the chip programmable for multiple purposes for best values. This challenging design was completely done in last September and put into foundry for production. What we did not expect is that the foundry kept delaying this production week after week by performing so much so called “yield check" citing big die size concerns. To this date, the check is still on going that there is still no viable date for fab out. Enough is enough. We felt it is in our customers’ best interest to wait no more on this muddy situation. We are open to sell this complete design database to any interested parties for this foundry or retarget for another process and offer guarantee that it works.
The full refund process starts immediately. Please email your sales Rep. about your order ID and desired payment account. All refund should take place within 30 working days from now according to payment sequence. We will also offer coupons for each G32 order plus fast hosting service, and each coupon values a 15% off discount over the online price.
   G32 Coupon Policy
Model Coupon Qty./ Miner Guidelines
G32-Mini 1
  1. Applicable to all the listed miners on Innosilicon official website.
  2. Each coupon can be used to purchase only 1 miner.
  3. This coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
  4. Valid till March 16,2020
G32-500 2
G32-1800 3
*If you have bulk need but not enough coupons, please contact us for a more competitive sales policy.

For those who purchased our G32 through other channels, please contact your resellers for the refund and coupon policy. We can't handle any refund without a direct purchase record.
Again, we sincerely apologize for the situation. We are as hurt in this process as anyone. Thank you again for your great support all the time!
Innosilicon Marketing Team
Jan. 16, 2020