Innosilicon’s Broad IP Portfolio Qualified on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP FinFET Platform for High-Performance Applications

  • Oct 24, 2019   |
  • Wuhan, China October 24, 2019—Innosilicon, the world-class innovative fabless IP design and customized ASIC company

Wuhan, China October 24, 2019—Innosilicon, the world-class innovative fabless  IP design and customized ASIC company, announced today that its comprehensive IP portfolio has been qualified on GLOBALFOUNDRIES®  (GF ®) 12nm Leading-Performance (12LP)  platform, enabling designers to deliver differentiated products to a broad set of demanding compute-intensive applications including artificial intelligence and virtual reality to high-end smartphones and networking infrastructure. Innosilicon’s GDDR6 is design ready and has taped out on GF’s 12LP.
GF’s 12LP platform delivers the ultra-high performance and data-processing capacity customers need to support their Compute, Connect and Storage (CCS), AI/ML, high-end consumer and automotive solutions in the era of big data and cognitive computing. The platform, which delivers a 10 percent improvement in logic density and more than a 15 percent improvement in performance compared to the previous FinFET generation, includes new market-focused solutions specifically designed for automotive electronics and RF/analog applications. The qualification of Innosilicon’s IP portfolio by GF ensures that every IP has been silicon proven, enabling designers to reduce the risk of integrating standard interfaces into their SoCs. With this qualification, customers can choose their preferred IP solution to ensure their design confidence and reduce time-to-market.
“We are seeing an increasing demand for differentiated, feature-rich FinFET solutions to meet the bandwidth and power requirements for mobile and high-end computing applications,” said Mark Ireland, vice president of Ecosystem Partnerships at GF. "Working together, Innosilicon and GF have developed IP solutions using cutting-edge processes that provide power and cost efficient solutions that will further enable our mutual clients to deliver differentiated products to high-growth markets."
“Our long-standing collaboration with GF has resulted in providing various high-speed, high performance IP solutions on GF's advanced FinFET platform worldwide,” said Gordon Ao, CEO of Innosilicon. “We are very pleased that not only are Innosilicon’s full suite of high-speed mixed signal IPs on GF’s 12LP are silicon qualified, but now they provide key values to many critical customer productions. "
Innosilicon’s IP portfolio for GF’s 12LP process includes DDR、HDMI、MIPI、USB、高速SERDES、EDP、V-By-One HS and so on.
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