A4 Dominator, world best 1.2W/Mhs 14nm ASIC, open for Partners

  • Nov 23, 2015   |
  • Innosilicon, the world renowned creator of the 28nm A2 Terminator, the most successful LTC miner with over 60% market share

Innosilicon, the world renowned creator of the 28nm A2 Terminator, the most successful LTC miner with over 60% market share, is announcing today the availability of the next generation 14nm ASIC code-named A4 Dominator. This is a full custom design with a tremendous focus on efficiency, providing an incredible 1.2W/Mhs in a DCDC less daisy chain configuration. Available as both an ASIC and a complete miner, nothing can touch the A4 Dominator, and it is going to stay that way for quite some time to come!

A4 Dominator ASIC & Miner Specifications:

A4 ASIC: 3Mhs per chip at 3.6W nominal, support DCDC less PCB
Extreme Low Power: daisy chained ASIC running at 0.7V, only in 14nm
Miner Performance: 600Mhs from 720W at the Wall or 850Mhs from 1020W
PSU Requirements: common PCI-E 8Pins/6+2Pins with 12V output
Included: Reprisal Pi running the most user friendly A2 terminator Software

Since the A4 Dominator is designed & taped-out in the worlds most advanced 14nm process, with 60% greater efficiency over any 28nm node, and our initial MPW chip/miner will be available soon, we are now entering the next round of full mask mass production with trusted partners. This provides an incredible opportunity to win in this huge market, for the foreseeable future, with zero risk. We also have production partners lined up for this A4 ASIC if you are looking for the finished miners. 14nm provides the pinnacle in LTC miner efficiency, with no better technology supplanting it in the foreseeable future.

Good news for this partnership round: we have opened our A4 ASIC/Miner production to committed partners in order to share in both the cost and the profit. Anyone who commits $1.5 million to this partnership will get to share our ASIC production masks or purchase miners “at cost” for your mining farms. We have fully de-risked the design by shouldering all the R&D and MPW costs for the testchips. Also, we will showcase our testchip and test miners in couple of months to demonstrate the A4’s unsurpassable efficiency. We need only 4 to 5 partners to participate in this incredible risk free win-win partnership round. This is the best ever opportunity to secure the world’s most profitable mining ASIC/Machines for the years to come. Further details will be available in the, limited member, partnership meeting. For parties with genuine interest, please email us today at or Skype at: Inno.miner

Thank you all for your support and attention. A4 belongs to all of you. After the A4 Dominator comes out, we will offer a A2 Terminator and Farmboy miner replacement program so that our loyal customers can continue to benefit. The A4 Dominator will continue the A2 Terminator legacy in serving our mining community!

Thank you.
Innosilicon Marketing


A4统治者!全球最优性能1.2W/Mhs 14nm莱特币芯片/矿机,寻找投资人

作为全球知名的行业领军者,继旗下28nm A2 终结者莱特币矿机成功占据60%的市场份额后,Innosilicon日前宣布推出下一代14nm莱特币芯片“A4统治者”。“A4统治者”针对低功耗需求全定制设计,在电源串联设计菊花链式配置下功耗可低至1.2W/Mhs,令人惊叹。不管是莱特币芯片还是矿机,现有产品无一可撼动A4的统治者地位,且这种格局短时间内无法被打破。


超低功耗: 菊花链式14nm芯片,工作电压0.7V
矿机性能: 600Mhs对应720W墙上功耗,或850Mhs对应1020W墙上功耗
电源要求:普通PCI-E 8Pins/6+2Pins接口,12V输出


投资人利好消息:我们向靠谱的合作伙伴开放A4芯片/矿机的量产,是为了分摊成本和共享利润,任何人投资150万美元即可成为我们的合作伙伴,将会获得我们的量产芯片或成本价的矿机用于部署矿场。我们已经自己承担了样片的研发和MPW费用,在未来几个月我们将展示我们的测试芯片和样机,让大家看到A4不可超越的性能。我们只需要4~5个合作伙伴加入这个几乎零风险的共赢项目。这是前所未有的机会,把握住它相当于把握住未来几年内世界上最赚钱的矿机和芯片市场,更多合作细节将在有限几名合作伙伴间讨论。若有诚意和兴趣成为我们的合作伙伴,请即刻联系我们,发送邮件到 或在Skype上发消息给inno.miner。