Innosilicon A1 BTC MINER 1TH MINING RIG (world most power efficient A1 28NM ASIC) with single Miner performance atg 1TH/s

A1 BTC miner is out of stock now, while A1 ASIC is still available for volume shipment. We can help in terms of miner manufacturer if you want.

How to order:

Note that Innosilicon ASIC and official miners from Innosilicon that are being offered in stock for shipment now till the stock runs out, price is fixed and performance is ensured before shipment. Shipping and handling is extra and user will be encouraged to arrange its own pickup/shipping or being charged based on DHL rate if shipping is handled by Innosilicon.

Innosilicon is welcoming miner supplier, mining pool customers, distributors and resellers to contact Innosilicon and jointly serve the community in a win win fashion. We will announce our worldwide reseller and distributors soon so stay tuned. Gridseed is one of our strategic customers and partners in virtual currency area, we share the responsibility of building a healthy environment for this innovative and exciting market place.

For any Inquiry for actual order of A2 or A1 product, please email: [email protected], [email protected] CC: [email protected] your phone number, address, interested volumes and desired date. You can also contact our technical support via Skype: inno.miner for tracking and further questions.