One-Stop IP

Innosilicon, based in China, with billions of autonomous and controllable IPs authorized in mass production, has been leading the domestic market share for 10 years in a row. Our customers are the world-renowned companies including Huawei Hisilicon, ZTE, Rockchip, AMD, Microsoft, Amazon, Microchip, Cyperss and Micron.  Innosilicon is the only IP provider in China who has the contract partnership with all the world’s top fabs (TSMC/Samsung/GF/SMIC/UMC/Fujitsu), also supporting domestic foundries such as SMIC, HLMC and Wuhan Xinxin.

Innosilicon team is fully devoted to innovation for 14 years , and has achieved fruitful results. In 2018, Innosilicon was the first in the world to overcome the top difficulty GDDR6 high-bandwidth bottleneck, realized the mass production of the performance-leading cryptographic GPU, and took the lead in the low power computing technology of the near-threshold voltage under 0.35V. In 2020, we launched the INNOLINK Chiplet, a high-performance computing platform (CPU / GPU / NPU) of Chinese standard. With one-stop service of high security and high reliability, we ensure the success of your products.

High-Speed Mixed Signal IP Series

Typical Applications

Support all the processes from 130nm to 7nm/5nm of the world’s 6 major foundries (TSMC/Samsung/GF/SMIC/UMC/Fujitsu)

Our IP Advantages

High cost performance and high reliability

A variety of comprehensive PHY & Controller solutions and Combo fitting various application scenarios, with high-reliability / high-performance / high-security / scalable design, fully supporting all mainstream FinFET processes.

High integration, low BOM cost

Worry-free integration,small size,power and I/O optimization, PPA customization available in size, power consumption and package to perfectly suit customer application scenarios, fast one-top turnkey integration.

Best practice, all-around optimization

One-stop PHY & Controller package and a full set of PCB and SI/PI, supporting full-custom hard macro and SI packaging solution including process/chip/package/PCB all-around optimization, within a short customization cycle of 2 to 3 months.

Customer-oriented service

Best-fit service for the customers, supporting various FPGA integration, SoC integration and specialized mass production, with a full custom solution of cross-design, cross-process and cross-package.

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