Rising Star in the Field of
Server and Desktop GPU

Fantasy One is the masterpiece of Innosilicon’s 15 years of integration. It fills the two major gaps in China's 4K-level desktop graphics and server-level graphics cards. It supports 5G data centers, metaverse, cloud gaming, cloud desktops and many other application scenarios. It is the beginning of Innosilicon GPU graphics card participated in the global competition.

Fantasy One Has Achieved Multiple Firsts

Main Performance Index

Fantasy One A-Card

  • FP32 performance 5T FLOPS
  • Capability of Rendering 160G Pixel/s
  • Capability of Encoding/Decoding 4-Route 4K60fps At the Same Time
    Route-16 1080P60
    Route-32 720P30
  • Quantity of user 16 User of 1080P
    32 User of 720P
  • AI Computing 25TOPS (INT8)

Fantasy One B-Card

  • FP32 performance 10T FLOPS
  • Capability of Rendering 320G Pixel/s
  • Capability of Encoding/Decoding 8-Route 4K60fps At the Same Time
    Route-32 1080P60
    Route-64 720P30
  • Quantity of user 32 User of 1080P
    64 User of 720P
  • AI Computing 50TOPS(INT8)

Check Full Performance Index

Check Full Performance Index

Fantasy One Application Scenarios

Let the Fantasy GPU into innumerable households

GPU Contact

Company Name *
Contact Person and Information *
Description of Application *
Original reference to standard graphics card *
*For better support and adaption to your needs, please fill in the parameter requirement table, the right-hand side is a sample reference.
CPU Type OS Brand OS Format Kernel Format Sample
Requirements Description of Requirements Sample
Rendering high / low / N/A
Computing/AI high / low / N/A
Cloud quantity of routes, Virtualization /Container
Graphics and Computing API Version Sample
OpenGL 4.0
OpenGL ES 3.2
Vulkan 1.2
Direct3D 12.0
OpenCL 3.0
Other 3.1
Interface Format/Quantity Sample
HDMI 2.0/1
Requirements of Encoding/Decoding Item Requirements Sample
Encoding Encoding format H.264/H.265
Encoding API ffmpeg/VA-API/OpenMax
Maximum Resolution 1920x1080
Quantity of Route 1920x1080
Other Requirements Dynamic Rate、ROI, etc.
Decoding Encoding format H.264/H.265
Encoding API ffmpeg/VA-API/OpenMax
Maximum Resolution 3840x2160
Other Requirements
AI Framework Format Inference or Training Hash needs Sample
Coffe/1/ Inference/8T
Other Requirements Temperature/Heat dissipation Sample
Power Consumption
Slot Type PCIe4/3 8/16Ine
Motherboard control connector Motherboard control connector BMC/EC
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Heat dissipation Initiative/Passive
Quantity of Estimated demand Time of Estimated demand Sample
10,000 tablets, ordered in Q2 2022, need to be ordered four times and delivered to different data centers.
I am willing to accept the information from Innosilicon