Innosilicon Announce the world 1st and best 28nm Bitcoin ASIC and Reference Miners

The A1Craft (also referred to as A1) is a world best BTC ASIC in 2013, simple to use, custom developed, highly optimized ASIC hardware implementation of the Bitcoin block hashing algorithm with the highest power efficiency to-date. It is developed on 28nm HPP (High Performance Processes) from Global Foundries with innovative redundancy architecture to allow for server grid reliability. Its perfprmance is unrivaled by any existing product in the market

The A1 has operation modes from low power to over-clocked high performance through adjustment of PLL output clock frequency and/or in combination with voltage adjustment. In the low power nominal mode, the computation clock & operational voltage decreases, thus total power consumption is reduced. In the turbo mode, the performance is pushed to the limit, which reaches to around 32GH/s, meanwhile the power consumption/heat is maximum.

Innosilicon Announce the world 1st 28nm Bitcoin ASIC and Reference Miners

Key Features:

  • Developed on 28nm using very low power design techniques and best efficiency.
  • Custom IC package with power bars for low voltage, high current feeding.
  • Configurable in daisy chain mode for distributed work with up to 253 ASICs.
  • Standard SPI interface with CS pin needed to enclose all useful SDI and SDO data.
  • 32 highly optimized hashing engines based on custom ASIC cells up to 1GHz.
  • Built-in redundancy architecture to allow for bad engines to be bypassed without affecting mining operation.
  • Flexibility to configure the PLL clock and computation performance.
  • Hashing power of 20GH/s in ultra-low power, 25 GH/s in nominal and up to 32 GH/s in Turbo mode.
  • Power usage of 0.56 W/GH in typical nominal and 0.75W/GH in typical Turbo mode.
  • Supply voltage of 0.78V in low power, 0.85 V in Turbo mode for version 1 ICs.
  • No need for special cooling, just regular top and bottom heat sinks plus fan cooling.


Innosilicon Announces the World 1st and best 28nm Litecoin ASIC in 2014 and Reference Miners

Innosilicon is proudly announcing the availability of another customer driven ASIC for volume shipment, the 28nm LTC ASIC coded name “A2 Terminator”. This is another game changing ASIC product from Innosilicon, in addition to its successful delivery of A1 ASIC for the worldwide BTC market in the end of 2013. It is not only the 1st 28nm LTC ASIC but also the best. Its per chip performance has reached 1.8MHs at only 13W power consumption, which can allow for the unbeatable up to 150MHs per box performance within only 1KW power supply & very quiet fan cooling. That means one A2 ASIC will beat the best GPU Graphics card in the world by almost 2X performance yet consumes 40 times less power. A2 ASIC will deliver unparalleled values to the world wide scrypt algorithm based mining community. The great news is that, users don’t have to wait, It is available today with volume with real life mining demo video can be seen here:

Innosilicon Announces the World 1st 28nm Litecoin ASIC and Reference Miners

How to order:

Note that Innosilicon ASIC and official miners from Innosilicon that are being offered in stock for shipment now till the stock runs out, price is fixed and performance is ensured before shipment. Shipping and handling is extra and user will be encouraged to arrange its own pickup/shipping or being charged based on DHL rate if shipping is handled by Innosilicon.

Innosilicon is welcoming miner supplier, mining pool customers, distributors and resellers to contact Innosilicon and jointly serve the community in a win win fashion. We will announce our worldwide reseller and distributors soon so stay tuned. Gridseed is one of our strategic customers and partners in virtual currency area, we share the responsibility of building a healthy environment for this innovative and exciting market place.

For any Inquiry for actual order of A2 or A1 product,please contact usplease contact us via QQ: 3359136106 your phone number, address, interested volumes and desired date.