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Logic Designer
Full-time / 5 years of experience / Bachelor / Ottawa, Canada
Job Descriptions

Innosilicon is seeking to hire exceptional analog ASIC designers to join our recently established high-speed memory business unit. We have already gathered a handful of memory industry experts from world-class companies. Candidates will be joining our experienced engineering team worldwide to develop memory interface chip products. We are creating exciting innovations and developing new technologies for the next generation high-performance memory and computing systems.

We are looking forward to talented engineers to join our exciting journey! This position is located in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Key Responsibilities

• Participate in the high-speed designs based on the world's best process nodes (14/12nm, 7/5nm), including the industry's latest DDR5, GDDR7, LPDDR5X, HBM3, Chiplet, 112G/56G SERDES, PCIE, HDMI, audio codec, high-precision PLL, CDR, high-speed ADC and DAC, etc.

• Participate in the design simulation and tapeout of fully customized high-speed/high-performance circuits, and responsible for testing and system verification, guide and assist in the completion of layout design and write related technical design and testing documents.

Required Experience

• Microelectronics, semiconductor and science/engineering related majors, master's degree or above, at least 5 years of relevant study or work experience.

• Familiar with high-speed IO design, PLL/DLL/PI and other high-speed clock circuit design, operational amplifier/bandgap reference/LDO and other module design, front-end and back-end analysis and verification methodologies.

• Have a strong foundation of simulation and VSLI high-speed circuit theory, good at considering the simulation design and VLSI circuit analysis under non-ideal conditions.

• Enthusiasm for learning latest technologies and tools, logical and creative thinking.

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