• Industry-leading Unicorn Pre-lPO IP designer.
  • Highly competitive salary in the industry.
  • 15-18 months'salary a year + 1-2 salary adjustment opportunities per year.
  • he most anticipated Pre-lPO option incentive mechanism.
  • One-to-one tutorial system and dual-channel talent development plan.
  • Chance to get started with high-value projects and quickly grow into an industry hotshot.
  • Interest-free first house purchase loan.
  • Six social insurance and one housing fund + commercial insurance+free medical examination.
  • Daily afternoon tea + weekly sports + annual paid overseas tour.

Innosilicon’s Memorial Day — Enjoy Your Own Carnival

On the anniversary day, employees put on the company’s cultural shirt and participate in collective interactive activities to celebrate the birthday of Innosilicon. On the year-end celebration day, there are creative and passionate performances, marvelous talent show and thrilling lucky draw.

Paid Overseas Tour — Explore Life Beyond Your Work

Paid overseas tour once a year—Let’s travel together in Thailand, Japan and Europe etc. Also, Enjoy other statutory and welfare holidays, including weekend, statutory holidays, statutory annual leave, welfare annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, marriage leave etc.

Holiday Parties — Always Surprise You

Charming Girls‘ day, fun Children’s day, ever-changing Halloween, double-eleven Singles’ day and fantastic Christmas... Festivals in Innosilicon are always full of tricks and surprises. Those dazzling "little something" can make you overwhelmed.

Sports Association — Enrich Your Life

No matter you are a sports talent or an artistic youth, you can find your fellows here. Yoga, swimming, billiards, table tennis, badminton, football, basketball, board games and singing……Innosilicon Culture Association has all kinds of facilities to enrich the your life after work. Participate in various cultural and sport activities and build a united and friendly Innosilicon family together.

Health Plan — Care for Your Well-being

Enjoy sports with like-minded pals every week;Show your talents in the “Innosilicon Cup”; Take care of your health through annual medical examination.

Insurance Allowance — Secure Your Work and Life

Innosilicon provides subsidies for catering, communications, transportation, assignment, travel, overtime and parking to take care of each and every aspect of employees' work. In addition to the five social insurances and one housing fund, we also provide the commercial insurance for employees. Considering what you expect as well as what you don’t expect is the attitude of the Innosilicon big family.

Settlement Plan — Settle Your Life

Innosilicon provides residential dormitory for employees in need as well as the interest-free house purchase loans of up to 500,000 yuan for qualified employees to help you live a worry-free life while enjoying your work.

Flexible working hours — More Freedom

Say goodbye to commuting on time and traffic jams, relax on your way to work and also enjoy subsidies for overtime.

Innosilicon Institute — Move Your Career Forward

With the flat management and effective learning environment, employees are directly involved in the world-class R&D projects and businesses. The apprenticeship training, career development and leadership training will continuously help you on your career development. Accompanied with technical experts and excellent talents, you will find yourself making progress every day.

  • Edge Computing - Enjoy Your Own Carnival
  • Paid Overseas Tour — Explore Life Beyond Your Work
  • Health Plan — Care for Your Well-being
  • Insurance Allowance — Secure Your Work and Life
  • Flexible working hours — More Freedom