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Innosilicon, a leading provider of IP and SoC services with over 18 years of experience, specializes in computing, storage, and connectivity. We offer a comprehensive range of high-speed interface IP, cutting-edge SoC platform architecture, and customizable processor cores across various process nodes from 55nm to 3nm in collaboration with major foundries like TSMC, Samsung, SMIC, and others. Our services cover the entire chip development cycle, from design to production, including packaging and testing, to expedite product innovation timelines for our global customers. Our focus areas include high-performance computing, multimedia, automotive electronics, and AIoT applications. With a robust foundation of successful tape-outs and a skillful team, we have achieved milestones like HBM3E, GDDR7/6X/6, UCIe Chiplet, and PCIe5, establishing a reputation for delivering integrated solutions successfully. Innosilicon has supported over 300 top-tier clients, enabling the production of more than 10 billion high-end SoC chips. Our commitment is to drive digital innovation globally, leveraging our expertise to accelerate chip development and enhance quality of life for all.

Why Choose Innosilicon for Your Chip Design Needs?
Why Choose Innosilicon for Your Chip Design Needs?
  • > Leading One Stop FinFet IP/ASIC Design House
    · 14nm/7/8nm/5nm/4nm/3nm design proven in Samsung/TSMC
  • > 10 Billion Leading SoC enabled
    · A trusted SoC vendor for AMD, Microsoft, Amason, Qualcomm
  • > 150K Finfet Wafers Produced in Custom ASIC
    · Custom ASIC in 14/10/8/5/3 advanced Nodes, with Samsung & TSMC
  • > Unique Technical Know How
    · Able to help major customers to port to various Advanced Processes
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