One Week Special Bulk Upgrade Promotion from T2T to T3

1. This upgrade promotion is valid from Nov 11th to Nov 18th 2018 for bulk purchasers only.

2. Anyone who pre-orders Innosilicon T3 miners with quantity over 5k units, can choose this promotion program for your benefit, that is, instead of waiting for our T3 shipment, you can take our in-stock T2T-25T miners with equivalent hash rate right away, and enjoy the free 6 months T2T usage before swapping T2T for T3 at zero extra cost (after returning the T2T miners).

3. Anyone who purchases our in-stock T2T miners with quantity over 8K units is also entitled to the rights of discounted upgrade to our T3 with equivalent hash rate in 6 months. You just need to pay for the price difference between per TH unit price of current T3 ($53/T) and current T2T plus $6, (one dollar per month per TH depreciation fees) before the upgrade.

4. This program essentially offers combined 1 year warrantied mining benefit. All the T2T miners need to be returned to our appointed locations before T3 upgrade shipment. T2T miners before upgrade should be kept in good cooling/dust controlled condition and follow our warranty terms. We recommend you put those miners into our certified farms across the globe to avoid any inspection/returning hassle. Otherwise, you need to ensure those miners are returned in good running condition to our appointed farms after 6 months. Customers are responsible for Shipping and tariff.

Final interpretation is owned by Innosilicon.


1. 本特惠活动仅限于11月11日至11月18日内,一次性批量全款到账的客户。

2. 凡一周内预付5000台以上T3期货的客户,客户可以选择正常购买T3期货再挖币,也可以选择即买即挖特惠活动,即马上获得等算力的优质现货T2T-25T新机,立刻开始挖矿。并在T2T发货的6个月终止期到期一周内,返还T2T机器,获得等算力T3新机的免费置换,免费获得升级,免费一年质保,黄金挖币周期保存优势不错过,还无需支付任何折旧费。

3. 凡一周内批量购买现货T2T 8000台以上的客户,也可以选择在6个月到期时优惠置换成等算力T3新机,置换前需要支付固定单T价差。(即T3现价53美金/T - 现货T2T单T价格 + 6美金/T (6个月折旧费))。

4. 6个月后Innosilicon需要回收客户返换的T2T机器后,发货T3升级机。客户须在T2T的6个月运行期间,遵守质保协议,所有T2T机器须在Innosilicon认可的通风和防尘运行质量良好的矿场运行,最好是Innosilicon全球指定的优质矿场,这样客户不需要物理返还机器。如果是客户自选矿场,在6个月期满时,客户需将T2T机器交还至Innosilicon指定矿场,通过运行验收后置换。